Tuesday 25 January 2011

Tuesday 25th January 2011 - Cobwebs

Its been a dull day birding wise. Also quite sad as its the first day that I have been driving around Milton Keynes since late November and not set one eye on a Waxwing. As all the suitable food looks like it has already been completely stripped its hardly a surprise. I have noticed that pretty much all my Redwing sightings this week have involved seeing birds on the floor instead of attacking berries in the bushes. On the plus side of things 2 Hares in a field north of Cranfield Airport and a Fox wandering along a hedgerow between MK and Northampton have gone some way to make up for it. This evening though before coming upstairs to get on the computer I thought I'd better check the rabbits. After opening the back door and turning on the outside light I noticed two gorgeous looking spider webs on either side of the door frame. The light was shinning off them and lighting them up very nicely.......in fact I don't think that you would notice them at all if it wasn't for the light bouncing off the silk. It was a too good an opportunity to miss so I popped upstairs and grabbed my camera.

An other classic example of nature at it's breathtaking best. Without sounding too soft it just shows the hidden beauty that lies beneath all of our noses but quite often gets overlooked. Also slightly ironic but I also find it amazing how you can show some people these pics and they will state how stunning these creations are, but when you show them the equally amazing creature that created them they will run a mile screaming and flapping their arms around!

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  1. Excellent shots David. Especially like the second one. Just shows there's beauty all around, if we take the time to look.


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