Sunday 30 January 2011

27th - 30th January 2011 - Milton Keynes Waxwing roundup

It has been another fantastic week for the MK Waxwings. Just as it looked like the large flocks seen over the last few weeks were becoming a thing of the past the numbers started to build up again. I saw just 3 Waxwings on the Denbigh roundabout in the Bletchley on the morning of the 27th, and then a further 52 at Costco Kingston in the afternoon. The 28th saw approx 75 flying around the Kingston shopping centre in the morning as I had a quick drive through. In the afternoon 24 Waxwings were feeding on the berries in Costco car park, when I left here I drove past Starbucks on the main road and saw quite a number in their normal trees near the back of the BMW garage so I popped back into the shopping centre and managed to get a prime parking spot right next the the bushes where they have been feeding. An initial count reached 142 birds at 1445, and then even more joined them which brought the tally up to 164. Quite an impressive sight as they busily feed then flew to their tree, and then dropped down to feed again.

Saturday the 30th also proved to be productive. 50 Waxwings in the morning in the Costco car park at 0900, c.100 Waxwings behind Starbucks at 1240, and then 44 Waxwings at Costco at 1400. Not a bad week!

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