Friday 7 January 2011

7th January 2011

Yet more Waxwings today. As I drove into Bletchley during my work I noticed a large flock of birds next to the B&Q roundabout, I was due a break so I quickly parked up in a local shopping centres car park overlooking the site and managed to count 94 Waxwings in total with some feeding on the floor which is something I'd read about but never witnessed. The food they were after was the remains of the Rowan Berries, some of which had fallen on the floor, but as the food supply is getting very low I'll be very surprised if they continue to be seen in Bletchley......but then I've been saying that for weeks and they still keep showing up. One thing I've noticed is once any flocks seem to dwindle in Woburn, large flocks seem to arrive in Bletchley which does suggest that these are the Woburn birds simply moving west. Later that day I came back to the site and relocated the birds in the tall trees in Halfords car park (Watling Street), they were using these to commute between here and the Rowan trees in Tesco's car park across the road. By parking next to the Rowans in Tesco's the views they gave were incredible, feeding incredibly close up and only flying off when people pushed trolleys underneath them completely unaware of the spectacle that was above their heads. I find it amazing how people who claim to have no interest in wildlife can be completely bowled over by a photo of a Waxwing but they don't notice them when they walk passed a flock of them!!


  1. They were an amazing sight weren't they David.
    I went 2 days later, and there must have been a couple of hundred there.

  2. They certainly were, its just incredible the way they head for urban areas like they do...and in such numbers this year. I can't help feeling that we have been very spoilt this winter, and lets hope that its not over yet :-)


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