Sunday 30 January 2011

30th January 2011 - Big Garden Birdwatch

In keeping with every year I do this, a certain "Sods Law" comes into play. The results from the survey were pretty dire to say the least. The total tally was 2 Blackbirds, a Collared Dove and a Song Thrush. Normally there's loads of birds in the garden but during this hour they were all in adjacent gardens. A Greenfinch was bubbling away next door along with at least a dozen Starlings and loads of House Sparrows, but they all kept flying overhead and none of them landed. Never mind that's surveying, I just hope the neighbours were counting too. Shame I couldn't count the Red Kite that passed low overhead too, but I guess that not really a garden bird!!

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  1. Similar thing happened here too.
    Most of the regulars seemed to hide for the count lol


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