Wednesday 28 May 2014

My Mum Feeding a Red Kite in Finedon, Northants - 28th May 2014

My parents have been telling me that they've been feeding a local Red Kite for a while now, and it has become so used to them that it will even sometimes follow them up the fields when they walk the dog! Well today I actually witnessed the event for the first time and I decided to take a video with my phone. I had visited them as their old pc was on it's last legs and it was decided they should get a new laptop so I went round to help them buy it and set it up. Me and my Mum were sat quietly in the living room as I was downloading the new software and then all of a sudden the WEEAAA, WE, WE, WE, WE call of a Red Kite could be heard low over the house. My Mum jumped out of the chair and exclaimed "my Red Kites here for it's dinner"! She then rushed to the fridge and grabbed some old chop bones the local butcher is good enough to donate for her and she went outside to throw them on the barn roof. She was even whistling the call and the now circling overhead Red Kite was calling back to her before she started to throw the bones up! Here is the video I took, keep watching until the end as the Kite takes the food at the 2 minute mark. It's a YouTube clip so as always turn the quality up as high as as possible and play in full screen if you can

The whole event left me absolutely astonished at the interaction between my Mum and the bird! I mean I actually heard it call to say it's here and my Mum went running out with pork chops for it. Brilliant!!


  1. That's fantastic!

  2. Amazing sight; and top marks to your mum too.
    A brilliant experience.


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