Friday, 7 October 2022

Northamptonshire Butterfly Sightings

Oct 8th - Around the Clover fields south of Lower Benefield at least 23 Clouded Yellows were still present including 2 of the colour form helice.

At Harrington Airfield 2 Clouded Yellow. 


Oct 6th – At Harrington Airfield 1 Clouded Yellow.

On the Clover fields south of Lower Benefield at least 28 Clouded Yellows remain along with Common Blue, Small Copper, Large White and a Painted Lady.


Oct 5th – At least 14 Clouded Yellows are still present on the Clover fields south of Lower Benefield.


Oct 3rd – A full count of the Clouded Yellows currently flying around the fields of Clover south of Lower Benefield reached a total of at least 54 individual Clouded Yellow butterflies. This represents a Northamptonshire record for the most seen in one area. For those wishing to visit there are footpaths through the area which are centred around grid references SP 99392 88446, SP 99059 88468 and SP 99170 88070.


Lower Benefield village with footpaths through Clover fields marked in red



Oct 2nd – At Harrington Airfield 1 Clouded Yellow.

In Higham Ferrers 1 Red Admiral.

In Scaldwell Bay at Pitsford Reservoir 1 Clouded Yellow.

At Hanging Houghton 2 Clouded Yellow.

In Old Stratford 1 Small White.

In Yelvertoft 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Speckled Wood.


Oct 1st – In Eydon 1 Small White and 1 Small Copper.

At Lower Benefield 6-8 Clouded Yellows were recorded on fields of Clover south of the village.

At Pitsford Reservoir near the Bird Club hide 1 Clouded Yellow.

In Yelvertoft 1 Speckled Wood.


Sept 29th – In Denford Ash 1 Red Admiral.


Sept 28th – At Hanging Houghton 3 Clouded Yellow.

In Thrapston 2 Comma.

In New Duston 1 Speckled Wood.

 At Twywell Hills and Dales 2 Common Blue and 1 Brown Argus.


Sept 25th - At Harrington Airfield 3 Small White, 3 Green-veined White, 1 Small Copper and 2 Speckled Wood.

At Holdenby House 2 Small White and 1 Speckled Wood.

At Stanford Reservoir 1 Red Admiral.

At Stanwick Lakes 3 Small Copper.

At Summer Leys Nature Reserve 1 Speckled Wood.


Sept 24th – At Hanging Houghton 1 Clouded Yellow.

At Long Buckby Wharf 1 Comma.

In Harlestone 4 Small White, 1 Large White, 2 Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus, 5 Small Copper, 3 Red Admiral and 1 Speckled Wood.

In Salcey Forest 1 Speckled Wood.


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